Knit one, read one.
Ripper yarns.

We stock words, in lots of inspiring, hand-picked books
We stock wool, amazing yarns with a story to tell
Calligraphy sets to make beautiful lines
(On cards with surprises)

Elegant Japanese papers to fold

And games to bring us back together
We listen to people, and take time with them. We are a sanctuary, a haven and a destination.

We don't do online sales.
Our books will never ask for your email address.
If you just want a book delivered to your door, we can recommend the following Australian online book sellers:

Marlowes Books - Rare, Out of Print and Hard to Find books

Booktopia - Australia's leading online bookstore with over 4 million titles

But if you'd like to hold a book before you buy it
Or find something you didn't know you wanted
Or just slow down and smell the pages
Come and see us.

Our partner

Learn to knit, or join #coffeeshopknitting

Our books

Latest and Greatest - what everyone else is talking about
Blood and Secrets - danger from a safe distance
Otherwise - escape to your imagination
Cooking & Wandering - adventures inside and out
Timeless and Legendary - once and future classics
People and Places - where history was made
Balance - the slow, simple path to happiness
Elevation - growing up with a passion

Our other brands

Wool and the Gang
Loopy Mango
Adagio Mills

Palomino Blackwing

...and many more

The tea's always on. And the lounge is ... well, a big, comfortable lounge.
And the coffee fairies at Merchant & Maker will even deliver the finest brews.
You're welcome to relax in our reading area.
Exchange words, swap stories with real people.
Find us here:
Or just call for a chat.
(08) 9750 5531

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